Meet Alisa

I am here for you

“when all the laughter and chatting is done I will weave your stories into a ceremony that captures you and captivates your guests”


Thanks for stopping by.

For over a decade, I have been living my dream as a Marriage Celebrant marrying couples all over Australia!


I love to tell people I became a Marriage Celebrant because I wanted to be the lead singer of a band, but unfortunately I cannot sing, so this is the next best thing, microphone, audience and cool outfits.


In reality, I have spent my whole life working in hospitality, so becoming a Marriage Celebrant was the perfect way to blend my unique skills with my passion for people and performing.

i love hearing your stories.

The funny ones, the silly ones and especially the romantic ones.

Every story you tell gives me an insight into who you are as people and who you are as a couple.

Yes, I will probably overshare, get really excited about your love story and take endless notes while we are talking. I want you to feel like you know me too. We could chat for hours if you give me the chance.

When all the laughter and chatting is done, I will weave your stories into a ceremony that captures you and captivates your guests.

Remember, you guys are the stars, I’m simply the narrator.

i am here for you

On the day, I will be there every step of the way.

I will hold your hand, keep you calm, fix your veil, hug your Nan and most of all be whatever you need me to be to make your day wonderful.

I rarely take more than one booking on a day, so your day is my day and you are my priority.

choose your destination

As a Marriage Celebrant, registered by the Attorney General, I am legally authorised to conduct marriage ceremonies anywhere in Australia – and I mean anywhere.

Backyard, ballroom, beach or back alley, if they will let us in, I can marry you there.

we can do anything!

I am a member of ‘The Celebrant Society’ a posse of progressive Marriage Celebrants with a collective knowledge that blows my mind.

If you have a question, I will be able to find you an answer. I have a direct portal to Births, Deaths and Marriages which means that all of your legal documents are lodged by me, online, as soon as possible after your ceremony, I can even order the official marriage certificate for you *fees apply. 

I am passionate about being a Marriage Celebrant. I’ve seen everything you could possibly think of, so I won’t judge you for wanting to have a Star Wars themed wedding or your fur baby is your best man.

I can’t wait to meet you x