Alisa's Tips

10 Important things to remember

IN the planning

  1. If you love something, someone or somewhere, BOOK THEM!
  2. Always invest in a great photographer, it’s money well spent.
  3. Surround yourself with professionals! We will look after you, reduce your stress, see seven steps ahead, strive for perfection.
  4. Ask questions! Don’t be afraid to ask questions, no matter how silly you may think it is, I have definitely heard it before and will do everything I can to help you.
  5. Sign Terms & Conditions and keep a record of your payments – the past few years has shown us that anything can happen, make sure there is no extra stress if you have to adjust your plans.


  1. Make sure you eat something – Plan your day to include time to eat while you are getting ready, organise a yummy grazing plate or a well-timed food delivery and drink plenty of water (and a little champagne).
  2. Stop and take a breath- enjoy the little moments. You have earned them.
  3. Accept that something might not go in the manner you are expecting. After all your careful planning something might still go wrong, trust that the professionals around you will have your back. It’ll make for a great story to tell the grandkids.
  4. Delegate someone to keep their phone on before the ceremony (no-one in the wedding party), text them when you are on your way (or running late)
  5. Keep me in the loop! Tell me if you are feeling nervous, excited, nauseas or faint. If you have any superstitions, if you need to go for a nervous wee or if your Mum is stuck in traffic. If you tell me, I can help xo