Celebrant Services

Every Detail Accounted For

You have enough to think about on the day of your wedding, without worrying about the legalities and logistics of your Ceremony. That’s my job!

I take my role as your Marriage Celebrant very seriously.

I am professional. I am early to every event and provide all of my own equipment.  I will happily work with your other suppliers and even assist with any other little areas of your ceremony setup as required.

My role as a marriage celebrant is to bring your stories together, narrate the chapter to your captive audience, sign all the legal bits and then send you off to party the night away. Or, I can even take the magic of your ceremony and carry it through to the rest of your night as your Emcee. Together we will make sure your ceremony is exactly what you want, capturing the series of amazing events that have led you to each other and ultimately to this day. My attention to detail means that I will want to know all about you; and for you to feel like you know me too.

It is my job to help you to relax, to ensure that you feel completely comfortable and ready for your day to begin. I am flexible and creative. I am very honest, generous with my time and open-minded. Tradition is open to interpretation; if you want to walk in together with a fire breather and a mime then that is cool with me. Alternatively, if a classic, formal and traditional wedding ceremony is your dream, I will ensure it is delivered.

I will be a stickler for the rules, ensuring all marriage legal requirements are met, official words are said and documents are signed. I will talk you through all of this at our meetings, so there will be no surprises on the day.

I ensure your marriage ceremony is conducted to the highest legal standard. It’s the little details that count.

It’s your day!